We can print up to 8 colours, with a maximum print area of 15 x 15 inches. This can be a simple one color print, or an almost photo realistic full color image. When utilizing more than 4 colors, it is best to get over 36 units to truly be cost effective. Traditional screening requires preparing a screen for each color, and the time involved to set up the job is a large part of the pricing. There are also film positives required for each color, and those will be charged separately when the initial order is placed. Any re-orders would not have any art charges, unless changes are made.

Direct To Garment
This exciting new method is great for small run, full color prints. Vibrant colors on darks or lights, with lots of detail. Allows for optimum creativity, and special orders. Cost wise, this process is fabulous for people who want a unique shirt for themselves, or as a gift. Not recommended for large runs. After 24 units, it is probably more cost effective to go to the traditinal method.

Artwork and Design
We offer complete graphic design and art services in-house. Just ask and we'll do it for you. From logo design, illustration, to word typography, Randy will craft you an image you shall not be disappointed with. 

Style 'N' Print does separation work, as well. With over 15 years of experience in the screen print area, quality is assured. From basic computer files to full transparencies, we can do the job. 


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